The Foiling Dinghy

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Length:                                           3.85m

Width:                                             1.58m

Beam with foils exposed:           2.10m

Draft launching:                            0.15m

Draft foils exposed:                      1.10m

Hull weight:                                    30kg

Overall weight:                              55kg

Sail area:                                          9.5m²

Minimum lift off wind speed:     8knots

Top speed:                                      25 knots+

Crew weight:                                 up to 95kg

Fun factor:                                      massive

Needed experience:                     low

Design category:                           D


The Foiling Dinghy is a modern dinghy, which enables you to foil at an affordable price. A bit of dinghy experience is enough to learn foiling very quickly. The complexity is reduced to a minimum since the foils are self-adjusting and self-tacking. Also the boat is very forgiving and easy to launch.

Easy to foil and to handle Safety first in every wind condition Highly durable
  • very stable and controlled flights
  • no potential dangers: no standing rigging and no foils to crash into
  • strong foils you can even stand on for recovery
  • reduced complexity: as easy to sail as a Laser
  • wide hull for huge form stability which allows easy launching and stable low riding
  • built to resist: robust hull construction which allows you to step everywhere
  • fully self-adjusting foils
  • mast with track to lower the sail on the water when needed
  • shock absorbing foil and rudder bearings
  • very forgiving (no hard crashes)
  • excellent non-grid DECKIT to make sure you stay where you are
  • easy to maintain
  • self tacking foil system