Blood Red One-piece Buoyancy/Harness

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  • Body material 400D nylon rip stop
  • Heavy duty Kevlar seat reinforcement
  • Neoprene leg straps
  • Polyester webbing straps
  • Heavy duty nylon buckles
  • Reflectors for enhanced safety in low light
  • The Blood Red INTEGRA™ is a unique combination of your buoyancy aid and trapeze sailing harness combined into one. We didn’t like racing with two pieces, the discomfort of the PFD riding up under your chin, the harness or PFD not fitting because both items interfere with each other.

    Designed for any trapeze sailor, the ergonomic profiles allow freedom of movement with each panel intended to move with the body. An exceptionally low profile on the back and chest for manoeuvrability under the boom and in tight spaces.